Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So Brandon and I were just discussing what we would do if one of us won tomorrows half a billion dollar lottery drawing. We each wrote it on a piece of paper (so one didn’t influence the other) then exchanged them.

I said I’d want a little self-sufficient log cabin in the middle of the forest, and to do something with the bulk of it for dogs (i.e. rescue abused). With that amount, something could be set up to last long after I am gone and reach dogs in need far beyond the reach of local shelters and rescue leagues. No I would not give money to friends or relatives. I don’t have any that are in need of funds. They may want more but none need it – big difference. People in general, well we need to learn to help one another – all of us, not just those with money. Few help “man’s best friend” and that is where my heart reaches out to.

Brandon said he thought it would be fun to spend life traveling all around the world (simply, not first class) and randomly give strangers, seemingly in need, a locked briefcase full money. Locked because by the time the person opened it, we would be gone, totally anonymous. He would put a letter inside telling the person to do something good for the world once his/her basic needs were met, and that we would be watching to see what they did. Of course we would not be watching, but Brandon thought it would be fun (for him) to make them think they were being watched and perhaps in some way held accountable.


Upton King said...

That is so sweet. I share your compassion for dogs(three rescued dogs here - a blind Chihauhau, a deaf 12 yr old Boston Terrier and a one-eyed developmentally challenged Jack Russell mix). And I share your desire to travel. Best comment - need vs. want. Insightful. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Whatever said...

I like the way Brandon thinks :) Love both of your ideas (the log cabin used to be a dream of mine as a kid, I wanted to move to Alaska). Here's to either of you winning the lottery.