Thursday, November 29, 2012

YouTube Download?

Have you ever bookmarked a great YouTube video and then got disappointed when you went back to view it again and it was either gone or made private?

Yeh, me too.

So I googled for a way to download them and was rewarded with many software options claiming to make that possible.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


El Genio said...

I actually use a website instead of an application to do this.

Just copy and paste the link to the video, and then choose the option you want. The quality options vary depending on the video, but I would recommend choosing the highest MP4 option available. There is also an MP3 option for audio only.

Mark said...

I use download helper - a Firefox add-on. Download it, and an icon will appear beside the videos. Just press the icon and it will download!

Brian said...

Hi Max & Brandon! The best software I have come across is from they offer a kind of mdia download and subsription choice, but the the thing is that the Youtube download can be used integrated within your browser. But be warned that many man others have spyware and other bad incororates wthin them but thr real player I have used for many years and have no issues other than a quarterly advert or so. Good luck with your researchand choice. I uswe mine for short movies and art appreciation to view in my own time etc.
Brian (Ireland).